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The work-to-weekend pencil skirt

I fully thought I wouldn’t be able to stick to this 1-hour-a-day sewing method, but it’s my second week and it’s going well… Save for a few days which had me traveling to New England, I made a big effort to sew just a bit even if I was tired. 9-10 PM is sewing time in this joint!

Anyway, here’s what I have to show for this week. The goal was to make a skirt that would work for work and for the weekend. I think I’ve accomplished it!


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I guess I should take my sewing more seriously because I have a dedicated room for it…

I made a deal with my boyfriend that, if we signed our lease for the apartment, the office had to be my sewing space. I am slowly fixing it up, but here’s the first iteration…


The color is meant to be cheery and bright for a small (but sunny) space, but everything else is… in need of work. My desk has proven itself a bit small for two machines. I need a way to keep my pencils, seam ripper, shears, etc close– right now, they just go to the right of the sewing machine, but that’s really not a good spot. The shelf, as you can see, seems too small to contain my mess. The fabric is folded up in clear bins (and in Mood bags stashed on top) and all the notions are in the black boxes. I also have a few books but you can’t really see in the photos. I love having my speakers up there so I can plug in my phone and listen to music while I sew. My favorite hack was hanging my pattern-making rulers and curves on the right wall as you can see below…


It’s a huge step up from my sewing nook in my last apartment, but the room still feels disorganized. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I could do with my space to make my sewing more comfortable?