Cloning in my closet: J. Crew Minnie pant, revisited

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. These pants were done save for the hem back in early December. I don’t want to make excuses for my sewing laziness, but let’s say that moving across state lines, the holidays and work stress got in the way of my sitting down for 30 minutes and hemming a pair of pants. But I did it! And then of course it took me another month to take photos of them. What can I say, it’s been too cold in NYC to wear anything but jeans!

These ones had minor alterations made to the pattern –namely, a flat belly adjustment and a longer hemline to make them more ankle-length than capri. No belt loops (I attached the waistband before I remembered) and no welt pockets, still (because they scare the bejeezus out of me). They fit perfectly about a month ago, but I put myself on a serious diet and now they’re about an inch too big at the waist. They drop a little and honestly, I think I’ll have to recut these in a smaller size in a few months. But that’s not a terrible problem to have!

I’ll cut the yapping short and let you get to the photos…


IMG_1124 IMG_1126 IMG_1127


9 thoughts on “Cloning in my closet: J. Crew Minnie pant, revisited

  1. Love those pants ~ I like the ankle length and the bright color. What material did you use for them? I really want to make myself pants that look exactly like this but I don’t have any J. Crew pants to clone. It may just be worth a RTW purchase!

    • I made them out of red wool! It has a bit of give to them but they’re very warm and thick. I know the Colette Clover pattern looks veeery similar to this pant, you may want to look it up and buy it!

      • ok thanks – I have the Clover pattern but the two times I tried the pattern, it was pretty sad lol. The legs on the pants came out way too baggy but the fit on my butt was a little too tight and small in the crotch. I guess I have some weird fitting issues in pants.

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