I am struggling to keep myself from giving Colette Patterns my credit card number

Colette Patterns just announced three patterns available in PDF format and I am going nuts trying to keep myself from purchasing the Crepe dress pattern. Isn’t it so adorable?

I generally like Colette’s designs but, realistically, they’re a bit too dainty and girly for me. Too many bows/Peter Pan collars/cutesy details all over the place. But this one has really simple and clean lines, and I can put up with the bow if I want to go dainty for once. This dress materializes in my head made out of a soft-colored silk satin or charmeuse, underlined in the bodice for stability but allowed to drape in the skirt, and maybe the sweetheart neckline with the bodice hacked so I can do some lace paneling. Aaah! Or I can engineer the wrap into something with a belt buckle in the front that I can weave the other end through to hold the dress together. So many possibilities for someone with too many clothes!

Although I’m pretty confident I could hack this pattern together from other stuff I have, I don’t have the space to do it in my current living quarters, and I also want to give Colette Patterns some of my cash. I constantly refer to them for sewing tips and inspiration, and buying a pattern from them is the best way to support their product and content.

But… I can’t bring myself to buy this yet because I have a pair of Minnie clones I’ve been meaning to hem for the last two weeks and haven’t done it. And I also have to go through my fabric stash and see if there’s anything winter-appropriate that I should sew something with soon before I start getting excited over warmer weather clothes.



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