Gray Georgette Blouse

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I intended for this blouse to be more of a “wearable muslin” than an actual garment to be super proud of…

In my quest to make more tops that I can wear to work to distract people from the fact that I have maaaaybe 6 different skirts/pants, I made this blouse.

This is Simplicity 1779 (view B) made in a rayon (if I remember correctly) georgette I picked up at Paron Fabrics in NYC for $3/yd.

(Can we talk about how AMAZING Paron Fabrics is? If you live in NYC, you’ve probably been there, but if you haven’t, it’s a must! Sifting through 50% off really nice quality fabrics in the back satisfies the scavenger in me, and I always come out with great finds. GO GO GO!)

On to the pattern: Eh. It shows a lot of potential but I have to make more adjustments to take it from “matronly” (in the words of one Michael Kors) to modern– I envision this made out of a nice washed silk, à la J. Crew easy casual. It had bust darts that I changed to a French dart to make the top more interesting. I really hate how stiff the placket is and the buttons really serve no purpose, since I can slip this one on without undoing it. Can I just make a faux-placket out of a pleat (like a Colette Sorbetto) and call it a day? Maybe I’ll try that…

Also, the neckline is too high for my taste and the neck band is too narrow, so I’ll make the adjustments for the next iteration of this blouse. This probably won’t be until the Spring though, as I won’t be able to wear something like this a whole lot once the weather cools down.

All in all, it didn’t turn out terrible– honestly, the flaws are only visible if you look up close, which I won’t allow you because I’m fully embarrassed– and my boyfriend’s sister wore it and liked it a lot.


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