Colette Sorbetto (with spaghetti straps)

There’s only so many times you can see cute Colette garments all over the Internet before you cave and make your own. I have a few patterns I haven’t used so I can’t quite justify buying a Colette pattern right now, but a free download I can print at work? Sold!

This was the first PDF pattern I have ever used, and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I can have it immediately, there’s plenty of them online for free, and it’s not flimsy tissue paper. On the other… Putting it together is tedious as hell. In the end, this one was a good place to start and I think I’ll use them again. Maybe I’ll try Burda’s?

I ordered some Liberty of London fabrics online during a sale held, so the lawns were $23.95/yd instead of $36/yd and they had plenty of cotton prints for $3.95/yd. I bought a huge loot and they fudged my order and sent me the wrong lawn. A quick call rectified that (the right one is in the mail) and they let me keep the one they had already sent, so I got lucky!

The one issue was that the Sorbetto pattern would not fit in 1/2 yd of fabric. (On that note: Colette recommends 1 1/2 yds. for this pattern, even with 60″ fabric… I think you can squeeze it out of 3/4 yds just fine.) To resolve that, I turned the Sorbetto into a spaghetti strap tank top.

I made a few other alterations to the pattern to make it more to my liking:

• I made a narrower pleat (1.5 inches wide instead of 2) since the original just looked too wide on me.
• I put contour darts in the back. This top is meant to be boxy but I thought it would’ve been unflattering on me for it to be completely free of contour, so I fitted the back and left the front a bit more “relaxed”. It worked well!
• Whole lotta alterations in the bust– darts to the armscye, neckline and CB drafted onto the pattern and transferred to the bust dart to keep things neat.
I trimmed the top with not-on-the-bias bias tape to trim it and it worked just fine because the lawn does have a bit of stretch. Getting the pattern plus the not-on-the-bias bias tape out of the 1/2 yd was challenging and in the end I noticed that the print was upside down in the front. 😥 Though that’s hardly noticeable since the print is so busy!
As for the pattern itself: This was a good intro to Colette patterns. It was super easy to put this together! I didn’t need the instructions but I glanced at them and they are very detailed and great for the novice seamstress. I find most Colette patterns to be almost too cute for me, but I would love to try the Clover or the Peony. Maybe once I get through the other patterns I have lying around!

3 thoughts on “Colette Sorbetto (with spaghetti straps)

  1. I like your version of the Sorbetto. It looks nice! Would you mind showing a pic of the back? I’ve got a similar bodyshape and I know that if I leave it boxy it won’t work for me. Thanks!
    and funny, I just ordered the Serger you got off Craigslist from Amazon. I can’t wait to get it.

    • Hi Jenny! I updated the post with a view of the back so you can see how fitted it is now. It’s just your standard back contour darts 🙂

      Good luck with your serger, I’ve used mine over the weekend and it takes a bit of tinkering and adjusting, but I am in love! I’ll be churning out garments much faster with it.

      • Hey! Thanks for adding that pic of the back ~ I want to try this top since we’ve still got a few more weeks of hot weather here. I finally recieved my serger and I used it last night to make a cardigan (I just said it was hot here, right? lol – freezing office, ugh). I really love the seams it makes and how nice it looks on the inside. If you want to check it out I’m at Oh and I love that latest dress of yours. So pretty!

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