Marimekko shift in action!

I went to our local Crate and Barrel for a Marimekko event (which really ended up being a Marimekko fabric remnants giveaway) and thought it’d be fitting to wear my Marimekko shift. (And it was: The girls at the store raved about my dress!) My boyfriend took this photo while we were walking through the Boston Public Garden…

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Outfit Inspiration

I have loads of free time now and, in addition to sewing again, I’ve taken up learning how to use Photoshop. What better way of practicing than by scanning a sketch and trying to do something with it? (Also, first time I sketch in literally over 7 years…)

Here’s an idea for an outfit I dreamt up:

If you can’t tell from the drawing, it’s a short-sleeved shirt with a Peter Pan collar made in contrasting fabric, and a full gathered skirt. The fabric is this Liberty of London super soft cotton I got for $3.95/yd during a sale…

My inspiration was this outfit by J. Crew with a shirt and skirt made from the same fabric. Looks amazing together, sort of monochrome-but-not, and I do get separates out of it that I can mix and match with other things…

What do you guys think? I’m open to suggestions!

Colette Sorbetto (with spaghetti straps)

There’s only so many times you can see cute Colette garments all over the Internet before you cave and make your own. I have a few patterns I haven’t used so I can’t quite justify buying a Colette pattern right now, but a free download I can print at work? Sold!

This was the first PDF pattern I have ever used, and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I can have it immediately, there’s plenty of them online for free, and it’s not flimsy tissue paper. On the other… Putting it together is tedious as hell. In the end, this one was a good place to start and I think I’ll use them again. Maybe I’ll try Burda’s?

I ordered some Liberty of London fabrics online during a sale held, so the lawns were $23.95/yd instead of $36/yd and they had plenty of cotton prints for $3.95/yd. I bought a huge loot and they fudged my order and sent me the wrong lawn. A quick call rectified that (the right one is in the mail) and they let me keep the one they had already sent, so I got lucky!

The one issue was that the Sorbetto pattern would not fit in 1/2 yd of fabric. (On that note: Colette recommends 1 1/2 yds. for this pattern, even with 60″ fabric… I think you can squeeze it out of 3/4 yds just fine.) To resolve that, I turned the Sorbetto into a spaghetti strap tank top.

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My new baby!

I took a break from this disaster to set up my new (to me) serger!

I spotted this number on Craigslist down in NYC and asked my boyfriend to make the journey out to Bushwick to pick it up. It’s not in mint condition  but it works very, very smoothly and it was a steal– only $50! The thread tree is broken but I taped it and it works fine; I think I’ll want to buy a standalone thread tree. The lightbulb is out, so I’ll have to replace it as well. But $50 is not a lot of money to experiment with a serger (which I had never done) and this one will last me a while, or at least until I get sick of sewing!

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, it’s a Brother 1034D, which Amazon sells for close to $200. It took forever to figure out how to thread the bastard but I got it up and running and tried it on a new top, which I will post about soon. Figuring out what the right tension was took a few attempts, but I got it right. It makes finishing garments sooo much easier and faster and I am super happy about that. Finishing is my least favorite part of sewing.

I rearranged the furniture in my room this week as well, because my sewing really needs to be better contained. Check out my serger in my new sewing nook, right in my bedroom. (Sewing machine not pictured; it’s on the other side of the room.)