Ugh, this dress…

I started out with the intention of turning this pattern (sans sleeves) into this J. Crew dress:

And all was going well with the bodice, even after altering the pattern to include a waistband, making a muslin and fitting the pattern, and cutting and starting to put it together… Until I realized the skirt I was planning on using for it had darts that did not align with the bodice’s, and I didn’t have more fabric to cut a new skirt.

Oh well.

But I wouldn’t give up. I experimented with adding a pleated peplum (made out of the old skirt) to the bodice and turning it into a top:

… Which was looking good, even with my made-up (but successful) way of sewing pleats. Maybe this wouldn’t be a failure after all!

Looks all good from the front… Until I spot that bit of pulling on the left side. Upon closer examination, the back’s pleats needed to be a bit deeper to account for my back curves:

That just looks terrible! Maybe I was too ambitious by trying to make such a tailored top with finicky stretch fabric and pleats! Grrr… Luckily, I ran out of thread, so that gives me time to contemplate my next steps. I don’t want to give up on it because the fit is otherwise very good and I spent a lot of time on it.

I think I’ll finish it and see what it looks like. At worst, it’ll be a learning experience (I made pleats!) but hopefully it’ll be just like ready-to-wear: not perfect, but good enough.


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